Saturday, July 29, 2017

5 Major Mistakes Why Your Content Sucks!

One of the foremost issues most business entrepreneurs would like to address was the question on why their content isn’t working for their business.  Creating effective marketing content was a big problem and a major dilemma to many marketers.  It’s an issue that need to be taken very seriously by every business.  But before it’s too late and let matters get worse you might want to continue reading and consider these 5 major mistakes why your content sucks and rebound to get your website going.  Spice up those contents and save your day!

1.   Your content lacks the related graphics and images.

Visuals play an important role in making your content connect and communicate the essence of your content to the readers.  Images help the development and execution of the content marketing strategies being carried out on the article about your brand. Catchy images effectively drive visitors and promote and convey the message of your content.  Do remember that the anatomy of a great content post include an amazing headline, depth and catchy visuals that go with it.

2.   Your content lacks vital documentation.
If you wonder why your content does not perform according to your desires, documentation might be that vital missing link between what can efficiently work and what is it you’re not doing correctly.
If your content marketing efforts haven’t been yielding the desired results for your business, you might need to look deep into the structure of your strategy and to discover why content marketing isn’t working for you.  Documentation is by right essential to content marketing and many content marketers failed to associate them as a strategy.


3.   Your content is irrelevant.

Many content marketers are failing to highlight the substance of their campaign making the content non-sensical and leading the audience to lost interest about the subject.
Highly relevant contents are surefire traffic drivers.  It is best to push your readers with content that are valuable to them.   It is therefore best to evaluate your audience to know and meet their needs that will push them to the purchase cycle.  Relevant content help build online authority and credibility of your website.

4.   You fail to add metrics to your content.

Analytics can drive massive traffic.  Let the numbers do the talking and your content  
Measuring hard facts build credibility to your content.  It creates a culture of values to your readers that define reliability and lead followers to your content.  You must be sure to identify the right signals to ensure trust and loyalty of your followers.  Incorrect metrics are inefficient and may lead to false representation and put your website credibility in a disadvantage.

5.   Your content is not enough.

A redundant and obsolete website will fail to capture traffic.  Filling your website with highly relevant and fresh contents attracts visitors like magnet, bookmarks your page and keeps them going back over and over again.  You therefore need to publish posts regularly as you add landing pages to improve site traffic.

Overcoming the dilemma of content marketing where most marketers are having a setback is a no easy task.  These 5 major mistakes why most content do not work accordingly can make your marketing strategy bound to fail. Working out to tackle the issues of your content will greatly influence the performance of your marketing strategy for the better and achieve your goals.  Resolving these mistakes for your content to work for you will produce efficient leads and traffic to make your business boom and stay on top.    

Do you have what it takes to have that great content? 

Comments and replies below are highly appreciated.

Monday, July 17, 2017

3 Secrets Word of Mouth can get you Viral & There’s No Stopping It!’

The Power of Word of Mouth
If you think that word of mouth are just about talking nonsense.  Think again!  By word of mouth (WOM), your brand can spread like a loose wildfire.   Social influences are highly efficient in converting and relaying awesome reviews 10x than the average message exchanges.  One can generally say that WOM can act as your automatic brand promoter at large.  It simply drives on its own right into the heart of your market.  And there’s no stopping it!
In today’s vast world of online network societies, getting viral is the name of the game for every brand and businesses. Products and services are exploiting all avenues to infiltrate and exploit the vast opportunities of social media domination in terms of brand awareness and targeting business goals.
The power of word of mouth.
Word of mouth marketing is a major component to the growth and life especially for small and start-up businesses. It is an ingenious way that can keep your business thrive and stay when your business has yet little or no marketing capacity to compete against the big ones.   Through word of mouth, consumers share their experiences with your brand as they talk more about it among their social circles of family and friends. It adds up to your consumer base and can effectively help in increasing your sales.
Send the message across.
It's important also to realize that the success of a viral campaign depends on the vehicles used to transmit the message. There are companies that are more virally equipped than others. To create a strong viral link, the message must be able to transport from television advertising to radio and other extended means of broadcasting to the power of the Internet. 

One of the brightest opportunities brought by social media interaction is the getting through your market using the word of mouth (WOM) technique. Below are three of the main reasons why harnessing the power of word of mouth is what your brand need to get across your target market and get viral.

1.  Word of mouth can build customer TRUST. 

Nielsen, one of the world’s foremost information and data measurement company conducted a poll for 30,000 online respondents in 60 countries and overwhelmingly resonates word of mouth a high 88% trust rating in measuring consumer sentiments.

2.  Word of mouth can build a lasting bond to your customer.

By working on building trust with your customers, you are likewise producing brand ambassadors among them that are willing to share products or services directly within their circle and network. Trust is something difficult to attain instantly whichever type of business in the industry you are.  But, word of mouth simply can increase the odds your customers will rely on you for their need.

Making your customers fanatic for your brand can be a challenge and can take some time.  But one way that word of mouth can help you on this stage was through the creation of a customer referral program for your brand.  Being referred especially by a peer can typically preserve the loyalty longer than any other means of business referrals.   People normally tend to have a stronger and more reliable attachment to a brand if known acquaintances like family or friends share a bond to the same brand.

 3.  Word of mouth can get your brand trending.

Getting viral and trending online is what most marketers think about when it comes to harnessing the power word of mouth.  While it may be nice to end the campaign getting viral on social media networks, word of mouth has impacts beyond a one-time viral euphoria. Remember that getting your business on top requires maintenance to stay on the slot.  You must therefore exploit and harness the ways to make your brand not just a passing trend.  A fad can be a slow and steady buzz that can engage and influence your customers and brand ambassadors to talk about your brand endlessly.
Word of mouth is one exciting marketing technique that offers endless possibilities to keep your brand on top of the market.  We’ve only presented a few but we’re sure you can add up some more.  Let’s talk! Comments and replies are open below.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

This maybe the reason why you lost that Google Review Stars

I stumble upon this on one of my social media hangouts.  And this maybe one reason about how Google's mind boggling algorithm works.

But really now, Google still ain't telling a thing! LOLS...